Our Services

The Quintessential Hong Kong is all about cultural heritage and more.

Our customised services include:

Research and content development

Education creates awareness. We could conduct extensive and in-depth research and develop content for archival purposes, branding exercises or programmes, etc.

Branding and campaign strategies

To help build campaigns to market your new products/ services or find a new positioning for your brand.

Fixing and production services

We have built relations with various local communities, associations, traditional industries and local craftsmen, etc and can get access that is generally limited to others.

Film production services

From a cultural documentary, short film, photoshoot or commercial, we could provide services and equipments that suit your needs, styles and budgets.

Designing and printing services

From designing a pamphlet, booklet, poster, website etc we have a range of designers ready to help. We can take care of printing, too, and anything in between.

Event management

We can help bring your unique event concepts to life, from indoor to outdoor, from an exhibition to a festival, we are always eager to explore the endless possibilities.

Product/merchandise commissions

If you are looking for bespoke artisanal cultural items to go with your brand or campaign, look no further.

Artisan involvement

Be it a talk, show, class, course, collaboration, talk to us and find out more.