About Us

The Quintessential Hong Kong is all about cultural heritage and more.

We strongly believe it is the perfect epoch to celebrate our own cultural edge and encourage cross-cultural understanding. For that, we want to be the avenue where the commercial sector and traditional world seamlessly merge, abundantly flourish and mutually benefit.

Incorporating cultural elements in your business could effectively help it stand out from the rest and resonate with culturally sophisticated audience, on both local and international fronts. In return, your brand can partake in raising social awareness, leave your footprints in giving practical support for our heritage preservation and promotion, and empower our local traditional craftsmen.

We aim at building an ecosystem comprised of like-minded creative individuals equipped with different talents and expertise to carry our mission.


Our Core Values


Traditional and new businesses to join hands, learn from each other and grow together.


To continue to rediscover and uncover the hidden cultural gems of the city and broadcast them to the right audience. To make this a hub for creative talents to realise our visions and come up with solutions.


Cultural heritage is an asset to us and by engaging in supporting this notion, the commercial sector can also benefit and spearhead this global initiative.

Cardin Chan


After her relocation back to Hong Kong in 2017, Cardin has transformed herself into a self-taught cultural preservationist. 

Through her on-going research and interactions with local communities and artisans, she has gained a lot of insight in the traditional cultural landscape and would like to inject vitality by bringing in new opportunities to that realm and getting artisans recognised.

With her marketing and media background, she is now committed to developing strategies that would bring the cultural conservation world and commercial sector together for sustainability.